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Mohammad Towhid

Mohammad Towhid

Mohammad Towhid is an Indian Blogger. He is the founder of Febzed and also the Co-founder of Frutto. He started his Febzed in 2/10/2020[1]. His Father’s name in Abdul Monim Miah, who is also the founder of Frutto and also an EX-ARMY. He thought everyone should plant Dragon fruit (Pitaya) at home because it has so many beneficial fruits. And with the wish, he does his business.[2] His best friend's name is Daloar Hussain Saydi (Saydi Mohabbat). For his friend he is the best man of Dakshin Dinajpur or the world. He and his best friend both like to travel the world and discover new things on this earth.[3]


He has many hobbies to do as he explained the first hobby of him is Travelling. Then the second is Gaming then he also likes to watch movies especially Marvel and Hollywood movies. He is the biggest fan of Chris Hemsworth(Thor), and Robert Downey jr, and many more. He also likes south Indian movies to watch. He also like to design a website or doing the coding. From his other hobbies, one is Hacking.[4]


He also likes to write books he has written a book titled "Towhid & His Best Friend" on this book he mentioned a small story of his childhood with his best friend Deloar Hussain Saydi. This book is published on Amazon.[5] Also 5 Places to Visit in India.